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Upside is a band/project that started out from the album "Talespinnin" by Weather Report
As arranging improvised material in afterhand and combining acoustic instruments with electronic instruments and computers.The beginning of the first album was 1984 but it took all the way until 1997 until it was finished. The reason was that people couldnt play what I wrote, it was too easy for some and too complex for the rest. Popmusicians couldnt deal with complex harmonies and improvisation and jazzmusicians couldnt play with "sounds" and "production" back then.It wasnt until harddiscrecording on computer was released bu Spectral Inc 1990 that I could copy and paste together songs from short pieces (2,3 4 bars of length)

Then, there was one musician that could actually play, Peter Martin, that showed up and played drums all over the songs on the first album.
There´s no more than 2 takes on the drums on any of the songs.
On album 3 he plays percussion on the songs and all takes are number one, he didnt even have to listen through the songs before recording.
No overdubs , no cuts on the percussion.
On the first album there must have been a number of 30-40 musicians but there were nothing left out that could have been used.Except Peter martin on drums and some percussion there was Åsa Widerberg on the voice (but I had to force her, she hated it, and I never understood why. She now sings in a coverband and loves it!!!) And I used very short guitarsamples from Marlon Tepedino (who I later sent to jail for physical abuse) and Peter von Poehl.I think over the years I must have tried about 130 musicians in the band but just 1 was really usable.
Thats why we really havent played so many gigs.My goal with this project I really to get as close to God (or whatever you call him/her).
I think music is the one of the best ways to get into some contact with a higher intelligency.
You could do that with any kind of music, any time. Sometimes it just works.I tried to reduce the music of everything that wasnt needed to get there as soon as possible.

Thats why it´s so minimalistic.
After you have done this for a while you cant really go back and play with a rock band or play covers or.... There´s no point.
You know you have everything right in front of you when you do this.
You could do anything anytime, the whole world of music is open.I have contacted so many record companies over the years and I´ve seen myself stanfing there watching them...What are these guys actually doing?
And still with some disappointement I went home everytime without a record deal!!!!
Still dont understand what those guys were doin back then (except trying to get girls, but there must have been better ways even then, why didn´t you people sig up for a sinlges club instead of making records with shit all over the world)
Now they´re out of buisness everyone of them I believe.
I played in a band once called Motorsågen back in Halmstad Sweden 1978. Most ot those people were really nice.
But it was the worst band I ever played in. Everything was horrible.
And in the end that band turned out to be Roxette later!!!! Succesful, but I still dont like their songs and music.
I actually would have killed
myself if I had stayed more than those 2 months. They wanted me to play saxophone all the time , and whatever I am , I always were a lousy saxophone player. The worst one around..Once I was up to record some saxophonelines on a couple of songs in a studio in Gothenburg
I went there, directly from work, just packed my foodthings and working clothes down in the saxophonecase.
When I started playing, the recordingtechnician yelled out "there must be something wrong with the microphone".He came out checked but everything was OK, But still the same sound.
So he changed some cables, that took 10 minutes but still the same muggy sound.
Even I heard it. Then I looked down into the saxophone.
My thermos from the breakfast had got stuck in the endpiece of the tenorsax!!!!That was the beginning of the end of my saxophone career.
The saxophone itself was a Selmer -60 , stolen from a musicstore by a member of a punkband.He gave it to me when I joined his band.
Later I gave it back and if I´m right informed the saxophone was used in some records by Tom Waits in the nineties.When I moved to Stockholm and found that there´s was noone around who could play(!!!) I stared out doing recordings
in the spirit of Bill Lasswell and Material. Some inspiration also from James "Blood" Ulmer.But my recording equipment was too bad and nothing good was recorded until 1986 when I bought a 12 cannel taperecorder Akai MG1212I haven´t released anything from back then . The real recordings started up with the Spectral equipment in 1990.
And neraly everyting is summed up in Upside 1All electronics and keyboard, bass and flute is by me on all albumsAs I was a part och the early ravescene i Malmö, I decided to do a more technooriented record ,Upside2 released 1999Some years later I started up the band again with some younger additional musicians;
Damali Young - drums, Albin Roslund - Guitar, Marcus Lundqvist - Trombone and Peter Martin again.
We made Upside4 with me cutting and pasting a lot except on the percussion (and the Flute of coarse).
On this album all bass is programmed.
No good gigs showed up and the people in the band couldn´t get along if I didn´t show them how, so I decided to take a break.Upside4 is on the way.
Its an ambient album with just syntheziser and Flute duets kind of American tango from Mysterious traveller of Weather Report.There´s an album with just environmental music called "Environmental music" done in 2006 as an exhibition in a park in Malmö,
but I never fullfilled it when the Town of Malmö told me they expected it for free!!!!!



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