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The official price guide to collectible rock records 25000 prices of collectible singles, eps, albums, 100 rare photos & biographies of famous artists, 16 page color section, collectors directory, checklist/hill, Randal C. 125:-
The Penguin book of Rock & roll writing Heylin, Clinton (ed.) 225:-
The Penguin encyclopedia of Popular music 1000 pages and just over 3000 entries/clarke, Donald (ed.) 275:-
Popfrågeboken 50-60-talen 500 frågor/Fölsch, Rolli 30:-
Popmusikens utveckling- 50- 60- 70-talet Fölsch, Rolli 70:-
Prodigy - the fat of the land Independent music press 175:-
Rock around the rock saturday night fever En 80-sidig sammanställning av vad som har schlagit i Sverige 1955-1978/Johansson, Carl-Owe 40:-
The Rockin´´50s Shaw, Arnold 175:-
Rock ´n´roll The full story of rock ´n´roll- complete details of all records and artists of 40 major rock ´n´roll bands, films, how to start a collection, oh boy and much more/[May, Chris] 125.-
Rock archives A photographic journey through the first two decades of rock & roll/Ochs, Michael 250:-
Rock nu - ny-rock leksikon Sneum, Jan (på danska) 125:-
Rockboken En resa i bilder över fem år av fyra fotografer/Sonenson, Thore (text, Nylin, Lars 150:-
Rocken kommer till Trollhättan- rock & pop i Trollhättan 1955-1969 Från Sune Limpa till Svampen, Grymten och de andra7 Qvick, Per Åke 175:-
Rockens roll Rander, Tommy & Sandblad, Håkan 50:-
Rocklexikon- aktualisiert und erweitert 150 neue biographien Schmidt-Joos, Siegfried m.fl. 40:-
The Rolling Stone- illustrated history of rock & roll Edited by Jim Miller, revised and updated 250:-
The Rolling Stone encyclopedia of Rock & Roll includes biographies, discographies, group personnel, cronology, chart positions, grammy winners, gold & platinum awards, photographs,definitions of musical terms and recording techniques, music industry facts and figures, rock-related phenomena/Pareles, Jon and Romanowski, Patricia (ed.) 100:-
Sachlexikon Rockmusik Instrumente, stile, techniken, industrie unf geschichte/Kneif, Tibor 50:-
Schwann-1 Record & tape guide classical, rock, jazz, folk, electronic, musicals 30:-
Schwann Spectrum -your guide to today´s music Ryko signs the stars, Joe Henderson Tenor sax king, Reluctant Guitar heroes, over 2000 new releases, summer 1994 220:-
Sid and Nancy Cole, Gerald 50:-
Song writers market 1990 Where & how to market your songs 2000 listings of music publishers, record companies/producers, ad/AV firms, managers/booking agents! 70:-
Spungen, Deborah- and I don´t want to live this life 50:-
Svensk punk/ny våg Musikhistoriskt dokument/Alexandersson, Gunvor, Lundquist, Lena 90:-
Techno style- the album cover art The essential guide to the Techno movement featuring: the historic development of the techno and house music scenes, design of album covers and flyers, fashion trends and party culture, list of best clubs, records and club wear shops/Pesch, Martin, Weisbeck, Markus 425:-
Who´s who in rock An A-Z of groups, performers, producers, session men, engineers/York, William 50:-
Video movie guide 1997 Cross-index by director and star! More than 800 new entries! Rates more than 17000 movies on video/Martin, Mick & Porter, Marsha 100:-
Video rock Contains over 75 original pix by leading rock photographers/Rawkins, Sue 100:-

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